Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wibiya Teams With Kehalim to Offer Affiliate Ads - Instantly

In what could be their latest stroke of brilliance, Israeli start-up Wibiya has integrated Kehalim's cooperative affiliate marketing program into the popular blog and website tool bar.

Brief background.  I started using the Wibiya toolbar here when it first launched.  The response was instantaneous.  "Nice toolbar" ... even a tweet from Microsoft.

Microsoft later gave Wibiya a BizSpark award.

The company launched with a simple premise.  Help bloggers and webmasters reduce real estate while offering a variety of social and other options in a very non-invasive toolbar.

I loved the Twitter integration.  Since then Wibiya has added Google Buzz, Friendfeed and more.

It's time for the bucks?

Kehalim is a contextual and semantic affiliate marketing network partnered with many (if not most) of the major affiliate programs already in existence.  Google Affiliate, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Amazon, and many others are onboard.

Monetization - The new 'partnership' just makes it too easy and the Wibiya bar has already transcended many industries.  Factually, it's in use by some VERY high volume websites and growing in popularity.

This blog was never really intended to be monetized.  The Adsense ads at right have been turned on and off many times over the years simply as an experiment.  As part of this post, I have enabled the Kehalim / Wibiya feature as well so we can all see how it looks (and if it delivers?).

The 'magic' to Kehalim is that it makes it turnkey for bloggers to tap in to numerous affiliate programs simply and easily.  They've been at it for some time but the 'Express Ads' feature that launched in February was significant.  This parternership could literally take BOTH start-ups over the top .... (Just my humble opinion :)

So ... before Apple's WWDC no doubt takes over the tech headlines for a few days ... be sure and check this out!