Thursday, August 14, 2008

Got Money ? - Spend it !

I've seen a lot of economic cycles come and go in my life but I seriously doubt there's anyone (particularly in the middle class) that would argue with the fact that this ongoing foreclosure, gas price mess, is a biggie.

While the tech sector may be immune, to some extent, venture capitalists and private equity are in a good position .... with traditional credit continuing to dry up.

The experts will tell you that if you DO have disposable income, you should be saving it.  No argument there.
Unless, of course, you're in a decent position there already. 

So, here's the deal.

The 'reverse flea market effect' is in full swing both on the web, in stores and, on TV.

QVC (Liberty Media) and Wal-Mart are both out with strong earnings.

Department stores, online catalog stores, and just about other retail space you can think of (including business supply stores and many, many others) are blowing out merchandise .

This time around "Take 70% off already marked down" isn't fake.  It's real!

Not just the tech goodies that you or I might enjoy, but clothing, house goods ... you name it.

The 'big boxes' are probably NOT your best deal right now unless you really know how to pick and choose. (The only possible exception being Home Depot, Lowes and other building-related spots).

It's also regional. 

Wealthy towns and cities are not seeing price-cutting while middle income areas are.
From the pump to the department stores.

So what makes me an expert?

I'm not.  I just scored more deals for friends in the past 6 weeks (online and in stores) than I've ever seen.... and, as a few of you know, I'm cheap :)

Got a few bucks?.

Buy next year's suits, outfits, house stuff and business supplies now.

We'll see if I'm right next summer.

The reverse flea market effect is in full swing!

Edit 12:45 ET