Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is here

OK beta lovers.  Microsoft just unleashed Beta 2 of Internet Explorer 8.

As I've written recently, I've spent a lot of time with IE8 Beta 1 but didn't feel comfortable recommending it to anyone because of serious stability and other issues (some of which were solved over time).

This is just a heads up for you guys (and gals) with beta boxes that can't wait to get your hands on the 'next big thing'.

Well first, consider it's still a beta and not a release candidate.

As for me?  I'm takin' it for a little test drive tonight and will do a more in-depth feature tonight or tomorrow.

Compatibility? Speed? Features?

Stay tuned :)

The download for the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 can be found here.

Update: There are already at least 20 good to excellent articles on the new beta from Microsoft.  The links are at TechMeMe here. There's a lot to work through (not the least of which is privacy and under the hood in particular) so look for our review in a few days

Update 2: Lacking read time?  Microsoft has now posted a good 'quick Fact Sheet here

Update 3 ComputerWorld and others are reporting 'lock-in' issue with the beta under XP3.  Their piece is here.