Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Windows Update - Super Tuesday again

Another big update day from Microsoft .....

I try to keep a lot of 'web aware' programs turned off and revisit them when necessary.

With so many applications joining the automatic update world, it can take some precious time on boot up, not to mention using some of your system resources or bandwidth just when you need them. 

While I do have Windows Update (Microsoft Update) notify when upgrades / patches are available, I like to pick and choose the 'recommended updates' (and also take a quick peek at system resources, processes, etc. after the upgrades or patches).

Example:  Desktop 4.0 works great in XP.  I haven't been able to detect any significant difference whatsoever in Vista.  It IS delivered as a recommended update to Vista users.

Yesterday was yet another Super Tuesday for Microsoft.  On 3 machines tested, updates varied from 25-40 MB.  A variety of Windows, Office and other patches and updates ... some performance, some security.

So just a quick reminder to drop by 'Update' if your little 'indicator' hasn't come on yet.  There were a few significant fixes in the mix.