Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Microsoft Toll-free Vista help and new patches issued

Microsoft has been sending out e-mails the past few days pointing to this page which provides an easy to read guide for those still pondering the Vista switch and also has a Toll-Free number with free Vista Q & A support for small business customers.

I phoned the number this morning and apparently this is a yet another strong initiative to move users to Vista.  The hold time was less than 30 seconds.

In other Vista news, more than a few Vista hot patches were posted to the Microsoft Download Center this week  (along with XP as well).  Some did not show up in the automatic Tuesday update as they were machine specific (especially for you 64-bit users!).  At least one was very helpful in my own use.

Note: Some are dated Monday, August 25 so be sure and scroll back.

You can check out the latest posts to the download center here.