Thursday, August 21, 2008

Technology at the Democratic National Convention - Countdown to Denver

The Democratic National Convention is just a few days away, August 25-28th in Denver and will be followed closely thereafter by the Republican National Convention Sept 1-4th in Minneapolis.

Although the official technology providers were announced some time ago, both Microsoft and Google have been making a few 'mini-announcements' leading up to the first of the two US presidential nominating events.

Google has put a literal barrage of features online including a list of Classroom aides for teachers as well as the newer Power Readers in Politics page, which features an all-star line up of political journalists sharing their insights on Google Reader.  Google also used Google Sites to announce they will be an integral part of the Big Tent blogger and press area.  The Big Tent website is also now showing a Twitter stream from @bigtentdenver ... which is just starting to get active.

Microsoft is the Official Software and HD Web Content Provider for DNCC08.  Microsoft's Silverlight technology will be used for video extensively on the DNCC website. A variety of other Microsoft software products will be in use behind the scenes.

How many bloggers?  The accredited list is here.  Times are definitely changing!

There are many other high-tech companies sponsoring and /or attending the Democratic National Committee Convention, as well as the Big Tent coverage. The current list of Official providers and sponsors can be found here and here.

Many delegates are also launching their own personal blogs.  Most seem pretty excited.

Some of you may may find it interesting to know which Content Management System is being used to create the DNCC08 Website?  SilverStripe, the open source CMS that was featured as part of Google's Summer of Code last year.

How all of this will effect TV and news coverage now and in the future remains to be seen.

One thing is certain.  If you've got broadband, one way or another, you've already got a front row seat.

Our in-depth guide to RNC coverage with numerous links will appear here shortly.

I just thought you might want to wander around some of the links above to get a little sneak peek  .... before the action starts.