Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Windows Media Player 11 roll-up available for Windows XP

Microsoft has posted the latest version of Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP to the Microsoft Download Center.  The download also updates or can repair some Vista versions of WMP11.

The latest roll-up version of the Windows Media Player sports some familiar as well as relatively new security features and integrates with the library at, including Internet radio, free downloads, as well as pay-for (and burn to CD) selections.

The updated Media Player 11 for XP can be downloaded either from the Microsoft Download Center or from the Media Player Website here.

Update: This is the latest build of WMP 11 for XP.  System requirements and other notes can be found here.

Update 2:  In our Microsoft news, Redmond announced late today that SQL Server 2008 has been released to manufacturing.  The announcment can be found here .