Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google downloads now offer Chrome by default

Google's Chrome browser which came out of Beta a few weeks ago is being adopted by many in the tech crowd as well as those with limited system resources on Windows boxes.

It appears Google has found a way to take the browser mainstream in 'steps'.

While Chrome did replace Firefox in the Google Pack a while back, many average Internet users probably still don't know what a Google Pack is.

This morning, because of this article on the (independent) Google Earth Blog, I decided to download the latest version of Google Earth and check out the new imagery of New York City (Paris and more).

I was presented with this 'option' at the top of the page (which incidentally also installs the Google Updater software):

While a huge majority of Internet users now use Google as their primary search, it appears Google is bundling the new Chrome browser with individual, popular Google free downloads.

Honestly, I have no problem with this at all and see it as another very smart move by the gang at MountainView.

The latest version of Google Earth can be found here.
The individual (stable, no public) version of Google's Chrome browser (Windows platform only) is here.