Friday, December 5, 2008

No Google Friend Connect for Blogger?

About 2 days before the 'entire world' got access to Google's new Friend Connect, I received an e-mail saying 'You've been whitelisted to try Google Friend Connect'.

While it makes for a great promotion to give someone the idea that they have an 'inside track', this practice (used by many others for a long time) is, at best, cruddy :),

Regular readers of this blog know I rarely if ever have bad things to say about Google.

I did add Friend Connect to a few clients' Wordpress blogs this week.  It was easy, fast, and makes a good appearance.  Hopefully it will help them grow.

So here's my beef.  (Me .... rant?).

One of the many reasons I keep this blog on Blogger .... is that Blogger is fast and easy.  It integrates with my other Google log-ins and more.

 Anything that looks good, saves me time and consistently delivers, works just fine for me.

Free or not, it should work.

This morning, I decided to try Google's new Friend Connect right here.  I logged into '' (the entry point for the latest Blogger stuff) thinking that it would be, like many other Blogger features, a plug and play addition.

It's not there.  It's not even mentioned in the Blogger help screens or user group.

Is it me?

If you're going to put a product out there that garners tech headlines for two days, shouldn't it work with your own stuff?

So, for now ... You can still be my 'pal' on Twitter or chat a little on Friendfeed but until late-January, when I plan to finally re-launch my 'personal place', you just can't be my Google pal here......


Updated Dec 5 PM