Monday, December 8, 2008

Google Friend Connect spawns new Directories

It didn't take long for a few smart people to launch 'specialized directories' of blogs and websites implementing Google's Friend Connect.

Those familiar with website and blog marketing know, that over the years, specialized directories that gain popularity are an outright home run for those taking advantage of them in the early stages.

In one of my own case, a landscape webcam that I had on the Internet for years was picked up by one of the first 'webcam directories'.  That directory site was, for all intents and purposes, 'ripped off' by HUNDREDS of others, and over the course of time, created THOUSANDS of inbound links to the page.

The result was more than incredible.

Firstly .... to the two new directories that I've found so far. Try to find a way to protect your content (and/or leverage it NOW and try to stay ahead of any competition that comes along).

To those implementing or testing Google Friend Connect (I am using it here to see how it goes, in the lower right hand column on this blog) .... Be sure and check out Friend Connectified and GFC Directory ... and get yourselves listed NOW.

These specialized directories have a way of proliferating (fast!) once they have a decent amount of listings.

You may just get a big surprise watching your analytics over the coming weeks.

It all depends how these sites and any others roll-out but it's certainly worth your time to go there.

More to come later today.

Have a great week!