Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa delivers new version of TweetDeck

TweetDeck, the popular Adobe Air-based Twitter desktop client moved to version .21 beta last night.

Among the changes is a built-in spell checker and more.

How many times have you sent as Tweet and said... "I can't believe I did that"?  Unfortunately, you can't take a Tweet back.

Well, if online spelling is on your New Years resolution list, TweetDeck just made it a little easier, as well as adding a host of improvements and fixes:

Along the same lines (You guys knew I had to get this in here .. :), Friendfeed now allows you to edit your own posts.  Gone are the days where you had to delete them altogether and re-post, (taking those all-important 'likeys' with you :) ......

Merry Christmas All !