Sunday, December 14, 2008

Internet Marketing Vet launches Eco Product Site

There are people you come across in this business that you simply know will succeed, usually because of their deep passion for a timely product.

Earlier this week, I got a sneak peek at Home Energy Resource, a new website being driven by Peter Troast.

I have worked with Peter in the past, and despite this new website's modest beginnings, it's one to keep an eye on.

Peter is all about all things 'eco', and even had me to doing some reading on eco-friendly buildings and more,  earlier this year.  I learned A LOT, much of which came as a complete surprise.

As many of you probably know, there are many technologies in place that can save us right now from using oil, reduce greenhouse emissions, and just stop us from polluting our childrens' world.  MANY large and small companies are already building green and/or retrofitting to save money.  The technology has made it cost effective.

Since becoming interested myself, I have seen some newer renovations that can now pay for the retrofits in less than 6 or 7 years.  It's been an eye opening experience for me (and has already saved me a few $$ ! :).

Despite the economic times, I think Peter's choice to soft launch the start-up now was right on.  Humble beginnings with a mission that will become much more apparent as the weeks and months go by.

No doubt a crowded field, this is one guy's integrity you don't have to be concerned about. I can say that without hesitation.

As we begin to close the gap, as eco-friendly, energy efficient housing gets closer to almost any homeowner's budget, this new website will grow to become a significant contributor to the eco information and product marketplace on the Internet.

You can find the soft launch of Home Energy Resource here.