Sunday, December 2, 2007

AOL launches finance beta - Stock sites flourish

With all of the major portals, search engines, financial market websites and others now reporting stock quotes and financial news, AOL introduced their own entry in the crowded field late last week. You can take the AOL finance Beta for a test drive here .

While there are simply too many improved (and new) finance news websites to mention here, the past six months has seen a complete makeover at CNBC, a 'partial' sale at, the introduction of Fox Business News, dynamic updating at Yahoo's stock quotes and many more.

No doubt, a lot of companies are keeping an eye on the lucrative financial markets web space.

Reuters has been using Pluck's Blogburst to include stories from independent blogs (including 5 stories from right here :). Their editors are hard at work weeding through the hundreds of feeds to be sure the most important stories reach their target audience at Reuters, Fox Business, IBS, Cox, USA Today and other members of the their network.

New venture capital and private equity websites have premiered as well. With more angel funding and private equity investments in the technology space than ever, a large audience has developed for these news stories.

Perhaps one of the best in partnering has been Forbes but their full page 'skip this ad' advertisements are still annoying. There has to be a better way.

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