Saturday, December 1, 2007

Friday NiteCap - The Winnies and a new AOL widget

As I write this post, there are a post-award parties going on in LA, after the Inaugural Winnies Awards. Sponsored by a variety of Web-based video platforms and other Internet multimedia companies and startups, the 'Winnies' are a somewhat 'different kind of promotion' which appears to be working with a huge buzz tonight across blogs and the web.

Details on the Winnies and the 2-300 attendees tonight can be found here .

AOL today introduced a new widget which can be used on your desktop, or even inside of iGoogle. The widget updates what's hot across the web and is searchable. The announcement from AOL and links to the myAOL or iGoogle versions is posted to the myAOL blog (along with a few photos of Frank ?) here.

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