Sunday, December 9, 2007

You have to go to Paris - Tell your boss now !

You have to hand it to whomever is promoting LeWeb3. The Internet event enters it's fourth edition on Tuesday and runs two days, Dec 11 and 12 (Paris time :)

As I write this, there are 1710 participants registered.

What's really interesting is that when you 'cross the pond', you get a lot of new ideas and information. A great example is LeWeb3's nominated start-ups.

I'd bet a lot of us never heard of some of these companies. It's international and it's important.

Just think, you could be writing code right now for something that someone else has already launched. Are you ready for that?

The gangs all there ..... just about. A large variety of participants from 'the states' as well as a very cool cross-section of European and Worldwide web people, major companies, mainsteam media, and more.

For you twitter fans (addicts?), some of whom seem to be having a hard time finding it, the official LeWeb twitter address is lewbe3r ).

Bring some warm clothes. Temperatures are running about 45 degrees (F) days and in the 30's at night.

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