Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Countdown and just Thanks

As many of you probably realized, a lot of what we did (and didn't do) on this blog were small tests. Search tests, marketing tests, 'what do you like to read' tests.

This past week, my weak attempt at humor, a few 'Hype for Headlines' (unfortunately, they do work but that's probably the last you'll see from me for a while...), and wandering into different waters to see what the responses might be.

I reconnected with old friends, and made a few new ones. Some of YOUR stuff has been outright great!

We made Lee Odden's Top List in 3 months, (and the Google main index SERPs in less than two weeks :).

Many of you connected on Facebook, got me addicted, and then I went cold turkey (Without rehab!). Same for Twitter. I don't remember who took me there first, but way too many long nights :) Anybody relate to this?

I'm starting to remember what my wife looks like again.

This post, is very simply to prematurely to wish all a very Healthy and Happy New Year!

I'm busy fixing things around here (that had our house sale fall through at the eleventh hour .... UGH!!!). One thing I know I'll never be ... a Real Estate Person. Commercial maybe, residential? These people must be made of stone.

PS: In the outside chance you haven't noticed, just about everywhere you look Barry Schwartz is begging (his words) for your vote in the Search Engine Journal Blog Awards. Personally, I have no idea how Barry finds the time to do what he does. So wander on over and send Barry the 'all around good guy' .....

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