Sunday, December 2, 2007

Murdoch bidding for Linked in ? The rumors continue

The rumors continue about News Corp and Linked-In. The latest was posted today to the Silicon Alley Insider.

I for one, wouldn't be surprised.

1) As I've said many times right here, you may not love him (Murdoch) but he's a genius as far as staying ahead of the media / technology curve.

2) The social networks at some point will be forced to consolidate. There's simply too many social bookmarking sites with a 'general' audience. Niche networks will continue to proliferate both within the newer, large social networks and outside of them. Sound like 'the original web'? You bet. Lots of websites, lots of blogs and a few 'engines' connecting them.

Staff Update: At noon on Monday, numerous sources were reporting that News Corp is NOT involved in talks with LinkedIn.

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