Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bloggers report live from two conventions at the same time

Ever since news went 'real-time' worldwide and broadband Internet finally hit rural America, the web has introduced one innovation after another. Some good, some great, and some .... well you know.

So as I'm sitting here trying to get some work done, my Google Reader is going crazy and people are 'twitting' like no tomorrow from the search conventions in Las Vegas (PubCon) and Chicago (SES).

Some of it's actually pretty funny.

It reminds me of the days when you rushed to 'break that story'. Of course, today, you pretty much know somebody just broke the story that you think you're breaking right now .... Right?

Tonight's positively an interesting (fun?) night. It appears those who have been doing web marketing for a while are mostly hanging out at PubCon, while there's a large audience of heavy hitter advertising people (and other media moguls) trying to get their feet wet in Chicago at SES.

There's only one good thing about these two conferences happening at the same time. Think of it as having the best seat at the football game. Watching it on TV.
I'm sitting here watch the threads go by on a computer monitor. Raw feed. Unedited ! Although I haven't figured out who to root for yet, it's not only entertaining, but I think I actually learned a little tonight (Did I say that?) .

With all of the hyper-blogging from the two conventions, and 'rush to press' from a few, you have to wonder what's next? HD Twitter? Digg in Hi-Def? Google reads it for you? (Some think they already do ..).

Does Matt Cutts go to these things with body guards?

So here's a few highlights and links (which just got much easier - see below):

Lee Odden (Top Rank Online Marketing) seems to get the 'Top Rank First to Flickr' award (when was the last time someone gave Lee an award?) and Marketing Pilgrim's Andy Beal is promising 100 Flickr pics tonight?! They're not there yet. You'll just have to .. ugh ... search.

Instantaneous recaps were excellent on the Bruce Clay Blog .

And finally, I just realized Search Engine Land posted a BIG list of Day 1 Pubcon / SES coverage links, so you can catch up here ... and I can go back to work.

Update: Beal comes through ... First pics are here.

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