Friday, December 28, 2007

NY Times ignores Fox - Fox trashes Twitter !

Perhaps one of the most visible ex-Googlers is Vanessa Fox. If you don't know her, she left Google to join Zillow, and more recently left Zillow to do some speaking and join the Search Engine Land team.

This morning's NY Times article (previous post) completely left out any reference to Fox. Journalism miss a beat here? Sure there's a lot of ex-Googlers out there, but something 'felt' really wrong with this.

I'm sitting in my office this afternoon and an RSS feed comes through from the 'Fox blog'. (If you're in or near New York, you don't work Friday afternoons, you watch your tech options tank until the close of trading...).

So I wandered over to read what was really one of the most comprehesive pieces on Twitter I've seen yet, references and everything. Absolutely great stuff.

Then I thought. The last time I checked, Fox's Feedburner stats showed a couple of million subscribers (All right, maybe I'm exaggerating a little? ...).

Can Twitter handle all this new action on a Friday afternoon? Thousands of execs playing on Facebook and waiting to go home. This IS primetime!

Twitter literally tanked ... on both coasts. Really. No Twitter. Zippo. (No Joke!)

Was it Fox? Was someone at the Times afraid Fox would 'twit' at them :)

Who pays the medical bills of all the people that had "Sudden Twitter Withdrawal" ????

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