Friday, December 28, 2007

Hi - I'm a MAC and I'm a Dell XPS (and more)

Some of the most entertaining reading lately on blogs and 'other media' have been the comments below a post.

As some of you know, I'm making a few changes around here, so I've been ringing out the year pointing to some pieces that I thought you might find profound, interesting, or just make you laugh out loud.

Best comments category:

1) In a weird coincidence, someone showed me a Dell XPS laptop earlier today. It was really very slick. "That's a Dell?" Taking a tour of the web-a-sphere tonight, I noticed this piece at Gizmodo quoting NY Times author Walter Mossberg who compared a Dell XPS with a MAC. The Dell won. Check out the comments :)

2) David Berkowitz blog took on Facebook about a week ago. Berkowitz was calm and genuine in the piece. 70 comments (so far?) weren't so calm .... Hopefully a few thousand of us will send this one to Facebook.

3) Finally, there's Guy Kawasaki and Dear Santa . How many times can you say Truemors? More comments needed here :)

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