Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The best example of media convergence yet

Sometimes, I actually still actually get my news from TV.

It relaxes me. It's a 'different tube'.

Here in the US, we have the liberal news, the conservative news, and more recently, the Headline "I'm not sure what I am yet" news.

DirecTv has a cool channel (102). It's 8 news channels on one screen and you can zip back and forth to see who's spinning what?

Did I say spin?

What better time than Obama's speech (and, of course, the in-depth analysis and debate !).

I couldn't help but notice CNN's reference to The Huffington Post , at least ten times.

If you don't know what the Huffington Post is (Yes folks, there are still people that don't), you do now. It's the powerful and undeniable cross-media effect (that no doubt CBS is planning with their CNET acquisition).

The best part.

I know I'm going to run into at least one person in the morning at the local convenience store asking where they can get a copy of The Huffington Post.