Thursday, June 19, 2008

A peek behind the scenes - Firefox Download Day

It was a truly one of the great web PR campaigns.

Mozilla's Firefox Download Day had people waiting up until midnight Tuesday for 'the big event' (only to find out that Mozilla's midnight was actually 10 AM PST).

People were literally counting down on Friendfeed, Twitter, Pownce, Plurk and elsewhere, and were tabulating the reported download totals online.

There really was a sense of excitement in the air.

The reality is that many web aware applications such as Sun's Java Update and Adobe's Flash Player probably eclipse this number many times over (not to mention Microsoft's auto-update).

It didn't matter. This WAS Mozilla's day. The 'event' dominated most of the tech news websites all day (and managed to paralyze a few servers and ISP's during the first hour :).

Just after the launch, the Mozilla creative team launched a new set of easy to follow information pages. Some really great looking how-to guides.

John Slater, Creative Director at Mozilla maintains his own blog here. He posted a few photos during the day to his Flickr stream here (Yes, including the now-infamous cake from Microsoft's IE team). Yes, you too can now see the Firefox team eating lunch !

Seriously, Slater's blogroll makes for some interesting reading and bookmarking.

His team's artwork is pretty cool too.

Kudos to the gang at Mozilla for creating the buzz. One of the biggest to hit the Internet in some time.