Friday, June 20, 2008

Brief : Apple upgrades Safari

In a week that saw the final release of Firefox 3.0, an upgrade beta for Flock (using the newer Mozilla engine found in Firefox 3.0), and Opera trying to jump out in front with their all new version 9.5, Apple is now onboard with Version 3.1.2 of Safari for Windows.

If you've never used it before, Safari for Windows basically will give you a 'decent' idea of how your website or blog will look on a Mac. It's lightweight and feature rich.

Finding release notes on the Apple website (at least for me at this hour :) on this latest maintenance version of Safari was difficult .... but an educated guess based on usage since last night is (1) security improvements and (2) speed improvements and/or (3) Vista compatibility issues.

For those who wish to have the latest and greatest on their box, that's the scoop from Apple.

PS: It's FAST!

Update: This is what happens when I look at TechMeMe after a post :) The release notes are here.