Monday, June 16, 2008

Ultra cool - Talk to Twitter - Twitterfone

'Discovery' is becoming more and more interesting every day on the Internet.

It's changing at a rocket pace and the ways I come across items that are important to me, and / or that I want to share with you, never ceases to amaze me.

Last night I watched a 'Twitter post (Twit?) go by (from Emily Chang) that said 'via TwitterFone'.
Is Verizon selling this?
I want a Twitterfone !

There are some people that when they are messing around with something, I take notice. Chang is among them.

Twitterfone launched on May 6. It has evidently been reviewed by TechCrunch and a few others. I must have missed it. (Too many feeds??).

A few quick e-mails with Pat Phelan followed. Pat was engaging (funny?) in our brief exchange. I really dig people that just tell it the way it is.

Twitterfone was founded by Pat, David Marcus, Florian Seroussi, Ivan MacDonald, and Sean O Sullivan. It is in closed Beta, but, ugh, I have a 'few' invites :) Hit me up on Twitter or Friendfeed. The first five or six I read (It's kinda crazy today?), and you too can mess with this absolutely very cool addition to the Twitter app family.

You can also request one on the Twitterfone website.

The best part?

Emily's post which read "Can I speak 140 characters?".

Update: Please use DM on Twitter in this case if you'd like an invite. Thanks.