Monday, June 16, 2008

eBay API BIG change - New PayPal tools

The eBay Developers Conference runs today through Wednesday at McCormick Place West in Chicago.

It is important for eBay to make a strong showing here. Wall Street is waiting for 'something' from the internet auction company. The numbers haven't been great lately and Amazon has been 'all over everybody'?!

The news is already news trickling out from some of the live bloggers.

1) The eBay API. eBay will be allowing developers to integrate their applications directly onto the eBay website. Project Echo, as it's been dubbed, will be announcing more details later today.

2) eBay owned PayPal is also making some news. Paypal will be embracing developers as well with an all-new 'Developer Central' expected to be online is just a few weeks. A promised grab bag of free goodies including a marketers 'library', sample code, training and education materials, and, of course, a new 'Reference Transaction' API.

We'll include some others more in-depth info from the conference in the shared feed (at right) over the next few days. eBay has an anxious (hungry?) audience. We'll see if any of this is quickly embraced.

Note: Apologies for the original raw, unedited post. Some difficulties with Blogger this morning.

Update; A variety of more 'in-depth' pieces on the eBay conference are now appearing on TechMeMe here