Saturday, June 7, 2008

Duncan Riley's scripts for Friendfeed Rock !

More and more people are embracing Friendfeed.

Steve Rubel, among many others, are commenting that they're now spending a lot more time using Friendfeed. Robert Scoble and Louis Gray have been spotlighting the service since it launched.

A few days ago, Duncan Riley (formerly of TechCrunch and now publisher of Inquisitr) decided to write a little code and share it with the community.

A series of Greasemonkey scripts that allow you to launch Friendfeed and have one-click, tabbed access to a variety of services and websites, among them iGoogle, Gmail, ReadBurner, TechMeMe, Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and MORE.

When looking at the download count tonight, I was a little surprised.

Despite the fact they were only a few days old, they had gotten a pretty good buzz. Downloads were OK but, at least in my mind, should have been higher.

Possibly it's because if you go to the Firefox extension page for Greasemonkey, it says it's not yet ready for Firefox 3.0 RC2.

It lies.

If you use this Greasemonkey link (that appeared on Duncan's first release page), the most recent scripts the Inquistr website work just fine (At least here, on an XP SP3 platform).

It really doesn't matter what you prefer to use for your custom start page ... iGoogle,, MSN, Yahoo .... It's really nice to have those little tabs available when you wander over to Friendfeed.

If you've never used Greasemonkey before, or are technically challenged, just Google it. There are plenty of good tutorials.

Duncan is archiving and updating the actual scripts themselves at here.

There's our 'something to mess with over the weekend' segment for this week. Enjoy!