Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Disqus will be huge

Disqus is turning up on more and more blogs every day.

The buzz hasn't stopped ... and it probably won't.

Success is an ever changing formula on the Internet (and competitors are always waiting in the wings). One of the basic keys is 'getting in everyone's pocket', or in this case, on everyone's website or blog.

There simply is no better example than Google's Adsense. It's EVERYWHERE (and it's also a huge piece of Google's bottom line).

While Disqus may not have the resources that Google does, it does have a solid base of prominent bloggers already using the commenting system, including Mathew Ingram, Loic Le Meur, Louis Gray, Dave Winer, Sarah Perez, and Fred Wilson just to name a few. (There are THOUSANDS, so please excuse me if you're not in this post ?!).

Disqus is already crossing demographic lines - marketing, advertising, venture capital, software developers, and, it's being used by both young and 'older' bloggers.

The adoption rate is high and the exposure is intense.

The Friendfeed factor.

As those that have been watching this space know, almost everyone that is publishing to, or 'feeding', are seeing more comments there than on their own blogs.

Not a problem for Disqus. Your comment stream can be imported into Friendfeed. More exposure for all.

As always, the key will be if Disqus can monetize. In this case, I can actually see numerous ways it can be accomplished, because of the way it's embedded in blogs, that wouldn't see a significant backlash by it's users. (Potentially a much more difficult proposition for Twitter, MyBlogLog, etc?).

Feel free with your thoughts, here (with Disqus), or in a just a few minutes on Friendfeed :)