Tuesday, July 22, 2008

identi.ca survives the Desktop Client Invasion - Updated

With Twhirl and Posty simultaneously announcing integration with identi.ca, there was some question as to whether or not the less-than-one-month old microblogging service would survive the onslaught of early adopters today.

The current version of Posty is still 1.4 - Version 1.5, which adds identi.ca, is still in beta.
See update below - Posty 1.5 is out of beta.

The early adopter gang is growing, and although still relatively small, Twhirl already had a pretty loyal following and the new version was moved to the main site early this morning.

The 'new reality' is that there are LOTS of new people that are finding out about these products from the other products (Twitter, Friendfeed, etc), and many just can't wait to get their hands on the latest free software goodies.

I checked in a few times today, and while response times varied, identi.ca was very much alive and well.

identi.ca's infrastructure is completely different from Twitter's, so I suppose my suspicion that the service might go down wasn't a valid comparison.

Regardless, kudos to the gang at identi.ca.

If my inbox (new followers) is any indication ..... it just works.

Update 2 AM ET July 23:  Friendfeed just added both identi.ca and Plurk as noted by Louis Gray on Twitter and confirmed by Friendfeed co-founder Paul Buchheit)

Update 3: Posty version 1.5 is now out of beta and can be found here