Monday, July 14, 2008

Yahoo adds ticker to real time stock quotes

As the headlines continued this morning about Yahoo's most recent 'No Thank You' to Microsoft on Friday, it was interesting to see that those that have stayed on board at Yahoo! are still very much innovating.

Since this stock war on Yahoo! began, numerous new services, betas, as well as content and advertising deals have continued to roll-out.

While some of Yahoo's big names have already exited stage right, others continue to support the latest Yang / Decker initiative.

It wasn't that long ago that Google, along with CNBC and a few others announced free real-time stock quotes.  (Yahoo and AOL were actually first in delivering concise easy-to-read streaming stock quote pages).

The latest Yahoo addition is a ticker bar at the top of Yahoo Finance (after you enter your first ticker symbol) that simply automates and updates, as you enter each new stock, saving you the time of switching pages.

Just a new cool tool, that at least I hope will stick around :)