Sunday, July 6, 2008

Reuters gets it. Blog integration and making money

In the past we've focused on various media companies that 'get it'.

That space is changing so fast, you need a team of people and computers to keep up (and still make money).

Reuters (by far) is this month's .... 'They get it'.

It only takes a quick look at a few pages to see why.

Most already know about their deal with Blogburst.  The Pluck editors do a great job.  Click the technology tab and, at the bottom, you'll see occasional stories from here, as well as regular entries from 'larger places' such as Mashable, Techcrunch, and many others.

They give away a LOT of video ... "Here's the embed code".

The latest addition is the one that puts Thomson Reuters over the top.  The Reuters partnership with Yahoo on You Witness News.

Sure, CNN has iReport.  Everywhere you look, news channels invite you to send in your photos.  Do they PAY YOU?

To some people, the 'pay me' part is important, plus, where else can you get this kind of worldwide syndication with attribution. 

Yahoo or not, this approach by Reuters takes user generated content to the next level.

They give you stuff for free, buy your stuff and sell licensed prints, etc.  The mix looks extremely good.

The story of course, will be told in their next annual report.