Sunday, July 6, 2008

Now it's real - NBC to acquire the Weather Channel

As some of you know, I'm no stranger to the weather space.  As it looked more and more likely that the Weather Channel units of Landmark Communications were going to be acquired, I posted a piece here on May 30.  Have a read.  Most of the 'juice' and background to this story is there.

Behind the scenes of the weather media landscape, and why this deal, just made official by NBC, is so interesting. 

For those that are interested, or are 'weather fanatics' like me, I maintain a modest directory of weather resources on the Internet here. It's a legacy site, recently updated. A collection of bookmarks (the old-fashioned way :).

Weather on the Internet has gotten MUCH better over the past few years. Especially, the imagery!

The weather is always there.

For many people, it's the first thing they look at when they wake up. There's no doubt that the Weather Channel is the predominant brand, and a good deal for NBC.

My current favorite is AccuWeather's Professional.  Great stuff from a great team.

(.....and they Twitter and Plurk too :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend


edited July 7 AM