Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone Mania - Chapter 2 - Updated

Well, today's the day.

Yes, if you want be the first on your block to have the new Apple iPhone 3G, you're standing online in front of an Apple store right now.

In just a few hours (assuming there aren't any activation problems ?!), we'll see posts all over the blogosphere "Sent from my iPhone 3g".  Cool.

The good news.  This time they got it right.  The phone is cheaper with a contract, and they won't have to lower the price in two weeks.

The real good news.  America is joining a 'worldwide standard' (Remember the metric system attempt?! :).  Most of the rest of the world operates cellular on the primary 3G frequencies, so now, we have a versatile popular phone (there are a few others out there) that should work worldwide.

The bad news, a glance at the AT&T coverage map in the US seems to indicate that the 3G speed will still only work in major metropolitan areas and known 'tech regions'.  There has also been some doubt as to whether or not the network will be able to handle the volume it if all the phones are sold.  We'll see.

Hey... If you're online, have fun!  It's a beautiful day and I promise not to tell your boss that you're not sick.

...but keep an eye on that guy next to you with the cameraphone :)

Update 8:30 PM ET:  Did he say activation problems ?  Robert Scoble makes a good point here.