Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Facebook deal done ... with Microsoft.

In recent weeks, the buzz became louder and louder.

Google and Microsoft were both angling for an equity stake in Facebook, the social network that has taken the Net by storm in the past year.

Independent Facebook applications, features and tools had been appearing on the scene almost daily for the past few months gaining recognition not only from users, but software developers , and others as well.

The news apparently broke on 'Beyond Binary', Ina Fried's blog on CNET's .

The deal was confirmed later in the day, with Microsoft landing an apparent 1.6 % state in Facebook for $240 million. The deal quickly made headlines throughout the almost all of the Tech and Financial websites (and blogs) just a couple of hours ago ...

Facebook is said to be in the top-10 visited websites.
The company is a little less than 3 years old.

Microsoft has been posturing to counter competition from Google (on numerous fronts).
Analysts and user reactions were very mixed on the deal today.
Microsoft stock ended the session at 31.25 (up 1.13 per cent).
Google closed the day at 675.82 (up .01 percent), just shy of it's all-time high of 677.60.

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