Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fox Business Channel launches slick website (and is hiring)

Fresh from a successful purchase of Dow Jones, Rupert Murdoch's new Fox Business channel launched on cable and satellite earlier this week.

While the preview wasn't too impressive on the web, the new website is.

Slick design, easy to navigate, and with some probing questions that actually make sense ... The one we saw today was "Should Google split their stock?". (If GOOG keeps going the way it has, been it could be a 4-1 split!?)

We couldn't help but notice (down at the bottom), the career listings link. Always a good indicator. Some key positions, as well as forward-looking positions (New York based) were still there as of this post.

While some may not like the tactics Murdoch uses (or politics) to achieve his goals, and yes I've said it before, there's simply no doubting that the News Corp 'Fox empire' (that many once doubted would ever get off the ground), is doing one of the best jobs in converging today's technologies.

CNBC (and Bloomberg?) could have some tough competition in short order.

Note: The News Corp / Dow Jones merger is still subject to shareholder approval but is expected to close in the 4th quater of this year.

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