Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Retrospect Tech Rally - SEO and Tech Daily

I suppose we should have pointed out in the last post that Google's high stock price and their preference not to split the stock to date would normally result in lower volume than a less expensive stock such as Microsoft. Regardless, MSFT did trade intensely today.

We'll get back to other topics after this post but I think it's very important at this stage to take a look at Market Cap, and put things in perspective.

I think most of us remember what happened when AOL's market cap got so high, they were able to acquire Time-Warner. Many of us found it incredible (and unthinkable just a few years earlier).

If we look at Microsoft, their market cap has been running around 300 billion dollars US consistently (and this week climbed to over 340 billion in just a few days) making it a HUGE company.

Google's ongoing run-up since going public currently places it at about 220 billion. Also, a huge company by any measure.

As Google challenges others, innovates and grows, it's important to watch the competition, see if they (Google) leverage, and/or issue new shares, etc.

Regardless, right now, they are in an excellent position. Can they continue to dominate search? Continue to monetize adsense and all of the 'newer offerings'?!

It'll be a fun ride. (Definitely fun for those who grew with the company and exercised a few options along the way!).

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