Saturday, October 13, 2007

Quigo scores Time Inc ads - Could targeted ads threaten Adsense?

Targeted ads have been growing with industry specific companies such as aQuantive (recently acquired by Microsoft), ValueClick Media, DoubleClick (which Google is awaiting regulatory approval to acquire), Quigo, and numerous other platform providers.

Some websites and blogs have moved to these services, some completely abandoning the most popular website revenue service .. yes, Google's Adsense.

This week came news that Quigo scored the coveted Time Inc. contract (People Magazine, CNN Money and others), coming somewhat as a surprise to industry insiders.

As print media (finally) is recognizing that they CAN (and ultimately may have to) make money on the Internet, it'll be interesting to see who the stars are in this space.

In other Adsense news, Google this week made video from YouTube channels available to Adsense publishers. Videos with embedded Adsense ads began appearing on websites on October 9. There's no doubting that Video is growing exponentially on the web. It remains to be seen how relevant, sticky (or annoying?) these new Adsense ads become.

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