Sunday, October 14, 2007

Growing and Thanks - SEO and Tech Daily responds

When we launched this blog, the idea was to deliver brief daily updates of news and tips of interest to the SEO and Tech communities.

While there are hundreds of blogs delivering this information (some of the best in our new blogroll at left) ... We felt very simply, that since we spend hours each day reading this stuff ... our modest blog could filter some of the more important stories.

It was an experiment, like so many others, and it appears you like it.

We're seeing more inbound links to individual stories each day, many from blogs we never heard of ! It's really interesting (fun?) to watch.

It's proof that the blogosphere can make a difference for many people and companies with aspirations for start-ups and more.

As time permits, a fresh interface will be in place. In the meantime, we will continue the blog in it's current format. It's refreshing that we are beginning to accomplish what we set out to.

Yesterday, we added a widget (see below). It's fully customizable and yours to grab (free of course) if you wish.

Thanks to all!

Charlie Anzman and crew

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