Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mapquest trying new Beta online - Maps Online

In a piece posted to TechCrunch it appears Mapquest, and AOL company and still the 'brand-leader' in Internet maps, has a live Beta that adds 'some' of the features already being touted by numerous competitors....

Google maps, with the first open API and a host of new features added over the past year, have been appearing on individual websites almost as fast as Adsense.
Yahoo maps maintains an active discussion group and a loyal following.
Live (MSN) maps (or 'Mappoint') recently added a 3-D version (using Microsoft Virtual Earth).
and even cellphone manufacturer Nokia got in the game last week acquiring Navteq,
as competition begins in the cellphone navigation space.
RandMcNally, one of the older map names (in print and on the web) is still delivering maps as well.

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