Monday, October 29, 2007

Geo-Target Canada and Real Estate continued ....

Well all of you have written enough about changes in Page Rank and paid links over the past few days for me (It almost read like a soap opera! :). No doubt the latest chapter has yet to play out.

If any of our (very cool) readers want to know more about why their PR may be going up and down (or in and out), try one of the blogs in our updated blogroll at left.

Back to 'original' stuff ...

Here's another way you can monitize the exchange rate with Canada now (and it works!).

Let say you're selling a house (Not our house, I promised I wasn't going to talk about that any more here, so I'm not ....) so let's say, this awesome house in Microsoft's backyard!

You've got a lot of junk laying around. Think E-Bay.

If you haven't gone there lately, sell some of your stuff NOW, but BE SURE TO MARK THE SHIP TO CANADA BOX!

Right now, Canadians are getting an automatic discount on everything they buy from the US, and they're all over it. Not just stuff, but shopping for the holidays too. Just ask the gang at the Mill Creek Mall in Erie PA.

There may never be a better time to clean out the attic?

Disclaimer: The above link is NOT PAID (Just in case anyone was wondering ...). It IS a unsolicited and very timely reciprocal link and part a 'bi-coastal real estate search experiment!' ??

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