Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yahoo concedes bug in SiteExplorer - Fix on the way

Many SEO sites reported an unusual trend last week in Yahoo's listing of backlinks in their SiteExplorer webmaster submission site.

On Friday, Priyank Garg made a post to Yahoo's Search Blog advising the community to
"disregard counts from October 11 through next week" (and that a fix is on the way).

Yahoo's organic results have been ailing in the spaces we monitor for quite some time.
By contrast, Microsoft's made an improvement with their new roll-out a few weeks ago, significantly improving relevance while apparently quadrupling the size of their index. According to Microsoft, there is now a dedicated team of over 100 at MS working on relevance. We'll see how that pans out ....

Google's 'dynamic indexing', both on the organic index and blog search side has been really interesting to watch. A blog pointing here (to this blog) was indexed the same day yesterday on Google's blog search. That simply blew us away ..... :)

Google still needs to do some more (difficult) work on the blog search side as numerous 'automated and random text' are still showing up in the results.

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