Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Firefox updates in one week

In the outside chance you have Firefox auto-updates turned off, you may want to tap 'help' then 'check for updates'.

Firefox released an update earlier this week and another one today and the current (stable) release is

We tested the all-new Firefox Beta 3.0 last weekend and found the same not-ready-for-prime-time problems as many others.

In our case, the new Beta gobbled up LOTS of memory and managed to stay resident after closing. Of course, that's what Beta's are all about and we sent a full report of our findings to the development team. We'll be checking back to see how the 'next generation' Firefox improves over time.

From the 'in case you missed it' category: Google continues to make daily headlines. We counted no less than 50 on-line publications (there's probably more :) reporting on the press release issued this morning by Google that they will, in fact, be a bidder in the upcoming wireless spectrum auction by the FCC. (Google has been using cellular, rather than GPS for it's mobile navigation application. Now that was an cool development).

To those going to PUBCON .... sorry we can't meet you at the craps table :)

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