Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome Browser Download is live - Update 2

A short time ago, as we were watching some live blogging at Matt Cutts' blog and elsewhere, the actual browser    that's been the buzz for well over a day .... was made available by Google for download (in fact, I'm using it to do this post and several are already discussing it on Friendfeed).

Google Chrome, the new web browser beta, which appears (so far) to be very lightweight and somewhat flexible has finally arrived.  Interesting integration with Google Gears and other Google projects should make this fun to explore for developers for days.

So while others are watching the press conference, go grab a copy and see what you think here.

Update:  A few (understatement) views from around the world of Google's Chrome browser can now be found at this TechMeMe page.

Update 2: I have shared a variety of viewpoints in our shared reader feed (at right) on Chrome.  For those of you looking for developer info and more information on what's under the hood, Google has now posted a good dev resource here.