Monday, September 29, 2008

LinkedIn, WikiMetro, and yes, Friendfeed

I've done more than a few posts on brand and / or 'Reputation Management'.
I've also done more than a few on Wikipedia.

Read on ... It may effect YOU.

Recently, I've become a little more active on LinkedIn.  I like it.  It's been a good vehicle for me in numerous ways, and I like to follow online sites that I feel strongly will be around for a while. LinkedIn is in that group.

Possibly the place I've been the most active for the past 4 months is Friendfeed, where I feel that the founders' vision is strong, and I have enjoyed a community of smart, interesting, and just fun people to interact with.

This blog has been scraped almost from inception. (Long before the Louis Gray, Mike Fruchter, Inquisitr, Robert Scoble, and other lists). It never really bothered me. All one has to do is wander over to Technorati.  About 25% of 'authority', which I've never really concentrated on for this blog, is coming from sites that scrape it's content.

That brings us to today's fascinating find.

Apparently my twin has reappeared in upstate New York!

A site called Wiki Metro has me listed as the CEO of US Airways, residing in Buffalo NY. Neat huh?  Buddy Passes?

WikiMetro appears to be a LinkedIn-type site, but publicly edited.  It also REQUIRES your Friendfeed ID to join which had me wondering.  I did join briefly to make a little note on the page .... and e-mail the CEO.

I may not be the chief executive of a major airline (and that may be a good thing?), but I'm pretty proud of what I do here and elsewhere, and unless someone legally changed their name, there is only one me.

This is just another little amuzing heads up on the human-edited community (and possibly for the people at LinkedIn and Friendfeed).

So here I am, flyin' around upstate.  Feel free to send the paycheck (I'll pass on the stock options)

Maybe I'll post a bio to Knol ?? :)

Have a GREAT WEEK to all.....