Monday, September 8, 2008

Zillow launches Advertising Network - Updated

The venture capital-backed real estate portal Zillow will be forming a partnership with 11 newspaper companies to cooperatively sell advertising space across each others 'networks'.  

Mentioned among the participating companies are Hearst Newspapers, Media General, and EW Scripps.

Zillow, has been testing different avenues to monetize while continuing to innovate, despite the downturn in the US housing market.

The portal continues to be one of the only major real estate websites that allows both real estate companies and individuals to market their homes on the Internet.

The 'Network' essentially combined the sales teams of the participating companies to sell advertising across numerous platforms, as well as help tap into associated advertising spaces such as home supply stores and builder supply companies.

Update 2:  Zillow has now confirmed the 'Zillow Advertising Network' and the press release can be found here.
Edited 10:35 ET staff