Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Picasaweb adds Creative Commons and e-mail upload

Google is firing on all cylinders today.

This time with a significant upgrade to Picasaweb.

Several articles last night mentioned the launch of face recognition (you read that right ... and it's pretty accurate!).

Now, some long overdue features such as Creative Commons copyright designations as well as photo  upload by e-mail are also on board.

Picasaweb and the integral Picasa photo editing and filing program are still free.

After a day like this, it really makes you wonder what Mountain View is planning next.

PS:  How much does Google know about you?  Try 'recognizing' your own face and then see how many obsolete e-mails or other info comes up.  Gave me a quick heads up that it's time to update my LinkedIn profile ..... and a few other places.