Monday, September 29, 2008

Google Page Rank updates begin to appear

SEO specialists and their clients are watching tonight as the anticipated PageRank update by Google is now beginning to appear.

I was going to do a quick rundown of some of the websites and blogs I follow and their new PR here,  but I'm not sure I'm seeing all of them yet, so that would be a little misleading.

PageRank was the original 'formula', developed in the very beginning (In fact, the trademark belongs to Stanford University and Google purchased the exclusive rights).

It's very important to recognize that PageRank is now just one part of a complex algorithm that Google uses to determine where a website lands in the SERPs (Search Engine Relative Positions).

While it's amusing to see what your new PR is, it's a mistake to fixate on it.  There are many websites that rank in the Top-5 for specific search terms (or phrases) that have PageRanks of 4 or less.

Google's latest toolbar is the easiest (and most accurate) way to surf and check PageRank at the same time. 

No doubt, if you follow the SEO space, you'll read a lot of  "My PageRank went up" and "My PageRank went down". 

Unless you go from a 6 to a zero, don't lose too much sleep over it :)