Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friendfeed - The Beta gets Better (and closer!)

Friendfeed has rolled out a few more features today as well as addressing numerous 'user recommended' changes to the still experimental beta test format launched in late August.

While Friendfeed is alive and well (and growing) at www.friendfeed.com, the newer features can be accessed by any Friendfeed user at beta.friendfeed.com.

The experimental beta URL has been a testing ground for a variety of improvements and mostly user requests, as well as to facilitate better navigation (personal categories) and more.  Many issues have been addressed in posts by FF staff members almost in real time ..... impressive.

Friendfeed expects to take the newer, easier to use format to the main URL 'very soon' and continues to respond to (reasonable) requests in the Friendfeed Beta room (No A-list pass necessary :).

I've had only one complaint about Friendfeed since the original launch.

I spend way too much time there.

The platform has now attracted a mix of interesting, smart, fun (and yes, a few crazy) people.  What else could you ask for ? 

As far as this guy's concerned (at at times, I've been concerned), Friendfeed is continuing down the right path.

Check out the Beta.  See what YOU think.  Join me if you like here.  Spread the word.

PS:  A little warning.  While Saturday Night Live may have gotten a little one-week blip that past week, Saturday Night on Friendfeed is 'the new deal' :)