Monday, September 15, 2008

Hi. We're Yahoo! (and we're, very much, still here).

Ever since the unsuccessful takeover attempt of Yahoo! by Microsoft, it seems many of us (including myself) have been devoting a lot of coverage to Google and Microsoft, but not quite as much to Yahoo!.

In the meantime, Yahoo! has been far from sitting idly by.  In fact, they continued to innovate throughout the takeover attempt, and still are.
First:  Search.  The Yahoo! Search blog reported last week they were about to 'make some adjustments'.  Yahoo!'s search team calls it their 'weather report', and this time they're inviting community participation.

The first reports are trickling into my e-mail tonight, and apparently some of you are starting to notice changes in the Yahoo! index already.  Will it be more relevant?  Will it help YOU?  It all remains to be seen but it's still good to see it happening.  Whether you're Google, Yahoo!, or MSN, it's getting more difficult every day to separate the spam from the real stuff ..... and especially to get the valid responses into the Top-10.  No doubt, part of the reason all three (and others) have been engaging in web developer interaction.

In recent months, Yahoo! has delivered an all-new delicious. (Less the 'periods' that people are still typing in??!!).   They delivered a significant upgrade to MyBlogLog, and were responsive to suggestions and /or criticism.  Yahoo News introduced a numbers of initiatives, including breaking news and numerous content partners, and yes, citizen journalism.  Shine (Fashion and Beauty), OMG (Celeb gossip), Zimbra, lots of ther content betas ... and yes, Yahoo Video arrived, got buggy, and now works.

Of course, the most recent beta change, is appearing on what possibly is, their most popular property, Flickr.

There's a lot more in the Yahoo! portfolio.

I, for one, will be very interested to see where they go from here.

After fighting off a hostile takeover attempt by Microsoft, this is one guy that isn't ruling anything out from Sunnyvale.

Update Sept 18 AM:  Kara Swisher at AllThingsD is reporting an all-new look for Yahoo! tomorrow.