Friday, September 12, 2008

More on Comcast and Bandwidth Caps

It seemed like the world was coming to an end last week when Comcast announced they would start capping monthly Internet use at 250GB.  Comcast was one of the first providers in the US to introduce widespread 20 MB plus residential connections.  Since that time, Verizon, Cablevision, and many others have 'lit' the new fiber and competition in major Metro areas is ongoing.

Relatively new flexible fiber is now becoming cost-effective, making it viable to rewire entire office and apartment buildings, raising the bandwidth possibilities dramatically.

The only piece I read that put the numbers in perspective was written by Duncan Riley at the Inquisitr.

I started giving it some thought over the past few days.

Could Comcast be trying to protect their (highly profitable) cable franchise?

As more and more TV programs (in HD) begin to appear on the Internet, and so-called Media Center PC's and/or Apple TV move into the marketplace, will more people watch TV on their computers?

I find myself on sites such as Hulu and CBS HD often (In fact, as I'm typing this, I'm watching hurricane coverage from Houston in full-screen HD from in another tab).

I haven't crunched the numbers but live HD TV over IP has to be pretty big if you do it all the time?

If networks around the world continue to put programming online, not only could the cable companies see people downsize their programming packages, but DVR's could be rendered obsolete as well. 

Will the satellite TV providers feel the heat as well?

It'll be interesting to watch this next chapter evolve.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.

To my friends in Houston and that region, please, stay safe.