Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CoffeeCup HTML Editor - Featured Shareware

I've touched on the area of free software (freeware) and shareware a few times in the relatively short history of this blog.

Two things are obvious. I love messing with free stuff :) I really believe shareware, by confident authors, should include free updates for life.

One company that has been 'doing' shareware for as long as I can remember is CoffeeCup Software. I've been using their products since the very beginning. (Can you say HTML 1.0?).

Despite the apparent retirement (departure?) of founder Nick Longo, CoffeeCup is alive and well, and provides some very inexpensive alternatives for web developers.

About a week ago, their premier product (check the price ... or the trial) CoffeeCup HTML Editor was refreshed with the 2008 edition. It's sails like the beta which preceded it.

Lightweight yet very useful for a variety of applications. CoffeeCup Firestarter (a flash rendering program) has been upgraded recently as well.

If you look at your XML or HTML code at all, you may enjoy the features.

CoffeeCup Software can be found here.

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